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Gearing Up with Harbinger for the CrossFit Games

Over the last decade, fitness has seen a boon in both awareness and participation. Undoubtedly CrossFit is one of the main reasons why this has taken place. This has been spearheaded by an event that has become one of the most exciting times of the year, the CrossFit Games. As the latest edition of this event approaches, fans and athletes are intrigued to see who will be crowned the fittest man and woman on Earth.

When you get to watch the Games this year, there’s a good chance that you yourself will be inspired to start training. You should NOT try to match the exact same workouts the competitors are doing. The athletes that compete in the Games are among the hardest-training athletes on the planet. They train specifically for this purpose and their entire everyday lives are centered around this event. They eat, train, prepare, and recover with the goal of being their best and eventually becoming the best at what they do.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t at least start training to be your best as well. Of course, you can and should start training at the level you’re at with the goal of improving. That’s one thing you and the elite have in common. They started somewhere, too. There’s something else you can have in common. You can use accessories that they use while training.


Almost all of the athletes use some form of weight belt to provide support and comfort to their core and lower back. The type of belt that they use may vary, and you might have your own preference. Harbinger Fitness has traditional leather belts -which can place emphasis on support- and CoreFlex belts which use Velcro straps and are supportive while maintaining ability to move from side to side or front to back.

Knee Sleeves

Whether you’re training around a past knee issue or you simply want to provide protection for your lower body, knee sleeves are a must with all the squatting, thrusting, running, and jumping you will inevitably do. Harbinger’s knee sleeves are designed specifically to protect the tendons and cartilage around the knees while allowing you to still bend them without any discomfort.


 Your wrists need all the same protections your knees do. You’ll be doing lots of barbell work with deadlifts, snatches, and overhead pressing. You’ll also be doing pullups, dips, and possibly muscle-ups if you advance far enough in your training. Obviously your wrists will need to be stable to perform all of these tasks. Harbinger’s Red Line, Pink Line, and Pro Wristwraps along with the Wrist Supports can all be there for every rep you perform. They will be as strong as you are for as long as you need them to be.

Weighted Vests

As you increase in strength, you might need extra resistance for the bodyweight exercises. Having your own weighted vest will serve you better than having one from the gym that has been used by multiple people. Harbinger’s vests are easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and will stay put so it doesn’t interfere with your training. They range in 10, 20, and up to 40 pounds but the great part is you can easily remove the weights from their pockets so you can adjust them as you need to based on what you’re doing.

Speed Rope

Yes, there will be rope work as well if you start CrossFit training. Having your own rope will serve you better because it will last longer and it’s available when you want it. Harbinger has a wide variety for you to choose from. The X2 and X4 speed ropes will spin easier so you can skip as fast as you need to. The Pro Speed Rope has 90 degree bearings so spin and acceleration will be at its best. If you prefer something a little heavier or for emphasis on power, you can choose either the Power Speed Rope or the Jump and Stretch Rope.


While it might appear to be hyperbole at first, you’ll be assured that to excel at an endeavor like CrossFit you will need to have dependable accessories that will last as long as you do every time you’re ready to train. That’s why Harbinger can be the perfect training partner for you. Our accessories haven’t just been tested, they’ve been the standard of the fitness industry for three decades. We want to help you reach new high standards as you test yourself every day in the future.