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How to Train While Traveling

As tempting as it is to skip out on training when we have to travel, athletes understand that to be at our best, we must be prepared for days when the conditions to train may not be ideal. With many miles to go, hotel gyms to train in, and nutrition compromises that you might have to make, making the best of the situation helps us to grow.

Fortunately, Harbinger can serve you well when it comes to training on the road. Harbinger accessories can prepare you get in a great workout anywhere at any time. When you pack your bags, make sure these portable training products go with you.

The Basics

These are items you can use in your room or at the hotel gym. Two of these items can fit in any bag and the other can be carried on its own, so space won’t be a problem.


Whether it’s the Hand Grips or the Ergo Grip Strength System, having these around can allow you to work on hand strength at any time. Not only can you make grip a priority, but they can work as a great stress reliever as well. And there’s plenty of stress in modern travel.

Jump Rope

Harbinger’s speed ropes mean you can get your cardio in when you see fit. Are the hotel machines taken? No excuses. Go to the parking lot. All you need is some open space and a few minutes, and you’ll be sweating in no time. Whether you want something with some weight to it like the Beaded X2 Speed Rope or if speed is what you need via the X2 or X4 Competition Speed Ropes, you can make the session count without going out of your way.


After being in the car for hours or sitting in numerous meetings at your conference, stretching can relieve your stress and aches from traveling. Using the mats provided by the hotel – if they even have any – may not be a great idea because they might not be cleaned on a regular basis and many people will have used them. Investing in your own mat means you decide when you need to stretch it out. Our Duraform Mats and Eco-Fit mats can be a great asset thanks to their comfort and ability to be taken anywhere. Whether you want to just loosen up or commit to a full yoga session, mats are a must.


Let’s say you decide that the hotel gym isn’t going to cut it, and you need to find the local health club. There might be a large chain in your area, or you might get to support a local business. Either way, having these accessories in your bag means you can have the machines provided work around you instead of the other way around.

Bar Grips

Thick bars challenge your grip and work your targeted muscles differently than standard bars or dumbbells. Having Harbinger’s Bar Grips allows you as the athlete to add your own twist to your out-of-town training. The Big Grip Bar Grips and Thin Bar Grips can turn any barbell or dumbbell exercise into a greater challenge. There are also the Tricep-Bicep Bar Grips which can breathe new life into your EZ-Bar curls and lying tricep extensions. 

Ankle Cuffs 

Have you ever been on the road on leg day? Some smaller gyms and hotel fitness centers have limited options available for the hamstrings. The Neoprene Padded Ankle Cuffs or the 3 Inch Heavy Duty Cuffs turn any low cable pulley into a variety of lower body training options. You can now add standing leg curls, kickbacks, adductor, and abductor movements to your arsenal. Just be prepared for the Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness that you might feel within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Chalk Balls

Harbinger’s chalk balls fit in a smaller zip bag and can be stored in a side pocket of your gym bag. You can have the benefits of the chalk to help with your grip without committing to the extra time cleaning up when your sets are over.


Just because you’re not in your normal gym setting doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do your workout and challenge yourself. Harbinger’s wide variety of accessories can help you make gains while you’re on the road. Your investment in yourself will be well-rewarded.