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Claim Your Goal

Every successful fitness journey begins with a goal. Whether it be to simply add more muscle to your frame or to completely overhaul your physique, executing aimlessly has proven and will always be the most inefficient way to get there.  Creating a plan of action with accountability provides the best possible outcome and gives you a template for achieving future goals after you’ve vanquished the one you’re on. Here are my top 4 most successful tips toward effective goal setting. 

1. Claim Your Goal – A goal without a claim is a wish. Be bold and unwavering when you claim your goal, because your belief in it is the single most important factor to goal setting. If you believe that it will happen, then you will exhaust yourself to make it so. Conversely, if you aren’t obsessed with your goal and everything that comes with it, then the odds are that you’ll bail when things become challenging.

2. Define Your Goal – Once you have stated your goal and have claimed it into existence, you must define it. Give your goal life by adding specifics. Specifics enhance the vision and give you smaller obstacles to focus on, versus a large, daunting task. Defining the goal can be done by creating a vision board to give you something tangible to hold onto. It can also be done by putting timelines on specific milestone accomplishments that you wish to have within the overall goal. More importantly, defining the goal provides manageability and accountability. 

3. Seek the Knowledge – Once you know what your goal looks like and you have a timeframe in which you’d like to achieve it, the next factor of a plan is the knowledge. Wanting without knowledge is called prayer. You must gather the information and tools needed to make things happen. If you want a new physique, what exercises are required for specific muscle groups? What is the proper rep range for hypertrophy? How many calories to you need to take in so that you are building more lean muscle mass? These questions help you map the way toward your goal.

4. Embrace the Journey – After boldly planting your flag to claim your goal, defining what it looks like and gathering the knowledge to accomplish this goal, the all-important phase of perseverance is all that’s left. This is the part of the journey that can’t be taught, provided for, nor compromised with. Worthwhile goals aren’t easy, and they don’t always come to a successful conclusion when we want them to. You must be steadfast to go the distance. That distance may not be linear from point A to B. To embrace the journey is to stay even keeled even through setbacks. Celebrate milestones and learn from obstacles.