Our Athletes

We’re proud to support some of the strongest fitness professionals on the planet, but their strength is not measured by muscle alone. We don’t define strength for anyone; we just help everyone achieve it.

  • Kasey Arena (rhode island)

    Certified Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Blogger.

    "Strength is just as much mental as it is physical. Strength is overcoming the obstacles that life throws at you in a positive manner that inspires others to do the same. Strength is being yourself without fear."

  • Jesse Huerta (texas)

    Network Technician, Body Builder. 

    "Strength to me isn't necessarily the amount of weight you lift, but being able to push yourself through a plateau and better yourself. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply maintain as long as you keep pushing forward is what shows true strength."

  • Lindsay Hilton (CAnada)

    Rugby, CrossFit, I want to help others find solutions to their workout obstacles like Harbinger has for me.

    "Strength means trying new things, and taking risks."

  • Roger Lockridge (West Virginia)

    Fitness writer.

    "Strength is improving and rising to the occasion when you previously thought you couldn't in and out of the gym."

  • Keith Minikus (Texas)

    Strength and Conditioning Coach, Olympic Weightlifter.

    "Strength is the ability move the greatest external load. For me it is moving a great external load from the floor to above my head as quickly as possible."

  • Justin Russ (Florida)

    Strength and Conditioning Coach, National Fitness Presenter.

    "Strength goes beyond just being physically strong. Strength means mental fortitude and toughness, staying true to your principles, and an unwavering belief in yourself."

  • Thomas DeLauer (California)

    Health Author.

    "Strength is the ability to persevere in spite of of difficult times. I see strength as the psychological term known as "grit" and "consciousness." These are traits that are invaluable when it comes to not just being in shape, but helping others to find their best versions of themselves as well."

  • Darrell Rice (Illinois)

    Personal Trainer- Fitness Nutrition and Sport Performance Training.

    "Strength to me is not only how strong you are physically , but also being able to push pass that intolerable points mentally. Strength is your will power to over come adversity and become stronger and better."

  • HF
    Chris Simmons (Arizona)

    National Sales Rep., Rock Climbing and CrossFit.

    "Strength is not only being physically strong, but about being mentally prepared to take on anything that is set ahead of you.  Without knowing the outcome of the challenge set ahead of you, you will learn from the experience and grow from it."

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