BioFlex Elite Glove

Price: $37.99
SKU: 16180

The BioFlex Elite Glove is composed of premium leather, which provides for a tackier hand and better grip. Composed of 3D engineered fabric, the glove fits perfectly around the wrist and hand for a tailored fit. The vented, moisture wicking palm keeps hands dry, drawing sweat away from hands and fingers. MC foam padding compresses and redistributes weight, so you remain comfortable through every set. The BioFlex Elite Glove features a ¾ finger length and articulated thumb for increased dexterity.

* Premium leather for a tackier hand and better grip
* Vented, moisture wicking palm
* MX foam padding compresses and distributes weight
* ¾ finger length
* Articulated thumb for increased dexterity
* Engineered 3D fabric for a contoured, tailored fit