Beaded X2 Speed Rope

Price: $24.99
SKU: 7333500

Custom-engineered high density beads in 2 sizes maximize adjustability and weight training. 
46 additional beads included
Ultra spin mechanism for enhanced speed and control
Low friction rotational mechanism with 3 axis range of motion
Fully adjustable 10ft zinc cable with tough nylon coating
4.5" ergonomic handles for comfort
Chrome allen wrench included

Find your length: 
Stand evenly on the middle of rope and pull handles tightly upwards towards armpits. 
If the rope extends past your armpits, it should be shortened.
To adjust length: 
Use allen wrench (included) to loosen allen screw, but do not remove screw. 
Remove plastic ball and use wire cutters to cut cable to length.  
Replace plastic ball, then tighten to secure allen screw in position.
Avoid kinks by coiling cable when not jumping. 
Cable will scuff on concrete. 
Handles fit other Harbinger cables, additional cable kits available.